Most backup services deployed are often chosen poorly, backup is more than backup, everything is always "fine" with any backup system until the disaster hits. Most backup systems never get tested, and just goes along silently if something is wrong, often leaving the customer with little or no data recovered in the event of problem.

We offer industry leading backup services, providing you with the best level of protection. Every solution is always custom-tailored to your unique needs.

Why choose our backup instead of other solutions?

We believe that we offer the best, heres why!
With our backup, you are always certain that its there when you really need it. In addition, theres the security element. The most valuable asset in a company is often the data, it is important to regard the backup with the same concern as the main copy. Most backup systems in use today work via the “push” model, the main server deposits the backup somewhere, often holding the login credentials to the backup system on it, in the event of a compromised server, this would completely expose and compromise any backup. With our backup system, backups are pulled from the main server to the backup system, protecting the integrity of the backup even in the event of a compromised main server. Our backup system also supports encryption of the data, both during the transport and storage. Optionally it supports incremental mode, allowing each revision of the files to be stored. This provides great flexibility and simplified management, allows easy recovery of the required data

Hosted or Inhouse?

We offer both hosted backup, and back systems installed onsite at your facilities. Whether you wish to have it hosted or not depends on your specific situation. We could also setup both inhouse and hosted backup for extreme data security.

Contact us if you have any questions, or need help deciding on the best match for you.

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