General software development

Today software is used in everything from desktop computers, cellphones, cars to big industrial robots. It is imperitive that the software being put in production conforms to certain standards of stability and security.

What can we do different?

We specialize in simple, innovative and often non-conventional solutions to problems. The simpler the solution, easier it is to maintain, and it also greatly reduces chances of bugs. This is a very key factor in quality software development.

How can we help you with your project?

There are really no limits. We can work either from beginning to end on a project(including operation and maintenance if desired). In this case we can help developing specifications and requirements, milestones, risk assesment and anything else required by you. Once the specifications are agreed upon, we can start developing either completely ourselves, or in conjunction with your team.

Alternatively we can offer assistance on specific issues on a project. In this case you just present to us the problem, and we will solve it for you.

In short, we make your vision become reality.

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