Remove analysis

It can sometimes be difficult to identify yourself certain security problems with any specifics in your setup, and it is very easy to configure services in such a way that there are unforseen security implications.
Even a simple change in certain configuration settings without knowing or remembering the originalt intent can cause widespread and very subtle security problems, opening up your system to intruders. Therefore, a complete independent analysis can be valuable in garantuee that no oversights have been made.

How do we proceed?

We will remotely conduct a thorough and indepth analysis of all your internet-facing systems, services. In practise this will generally mean looking at specific software versions and configurations(mail, web, dns, etc), networking setup/firewall, websites(user input validation etc). In essence, everything that has any kind of security implication.

We will then deliver a full report of our findings, which includes suggestions and recommendations on how to fix potential issues. Furthermore we can work with your IT staff to implement the solutions you decide upon, or we can take a more active role in the effort, depending on your wishes.

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