Important notice

Immediately if in doubt, pull the power to the system with the disk in question and Contact us, and we will promptly give you an answer as to how to proceed. Every piece of I/O counts when dealing with data recovery and reconstruction.

Data recovery/reconstruction

We have extensive experience in data reconstruction. We have people skilled in retrival of data from:

We take care of cases where the actual hardware is functioning, or a working copy was made from a broken disk, but the filesystem is corrupt, or a file needs to be restored in case of accidental deletion, formatting or such.

How to proceed?

You can decide yourself how you wish to transmit the filesystem image, we can accept mail/fedex etc, you can upload it to us, or let us download it from you. Our technicians will then read the information provided by you about what has happened, and any additional information you have. Once the data recovery is done, we will notify you, and transmit the data to you however you wish, just give us instructions whether to transmit over internet, or send with some courier. Additionally we can encrypt the data to ensure it does not get into unwanted hands during transportation

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