Automated Monitoring

We can deliver automated monitoring of your networks, to constantly check that everything is okay. We offer a standard set of tests for the most common networking problems, but can also custom-develop a test specifically for your network and requirements.

What are the benefits?

With our monitoring system you will learn about issues the instant they arise. If a peering breaks, or a route becomes too slow, the monitoring system will discover within the configured interval, and notify you via your preferred way(for instance sms).
In this way the monitoring system can test all your networking related systems. You will never again have to discover your systems are down because a customer is notifying you – you can fix issues BEFORE customers notice it

Generic modules

We have many modules in our monitoring system, here is a complete list of the generic networking ones:

Testing modules(these are used to conduct a test)

Reporting modules(used to report the status of a test)

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