Mobile applications

Mobile applications have opened up an entirely new way of reaching a very wide audience. With an extreme growth in smartphones, and the users very excited about the new possibilities. It is also an excellent way to do market research, given most smartphones have location services and other advanced features.

Not just for consumers

Mobile applications are not limited to targetting consumers, it is also an excellent way to stay productive for corporations. Current smartphones have all the capabilities to serve as the office-on-the-go in cases of emergency or lots of travel. The possibilities opened up by mobile integration into corporate systems provides for much increased availability, effeciency and productivity.

What we can offer

We can develop your mobile applications to establish your identity in the mobile ecosystems. We develop applications using the latest technologies such as Android, Qt(for Symbian/Maemo), J2ME and more.

We can also analyse the current workflow in your organisation and provide suggestions for optimizing effeciency with a mobile solution integrating into your systems.

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