What is Token authentication(OTP)

Onetime passwords are passwords you can only use one time. They allow you to securely login at places where there might be people watching you, or someone is recording the keystrokes on the keyboard or similar. Once a password has been used, it is invalidated – anyone that saw you type in the password will not be able to use it at a later time.

What can we offer

We have developed a revolutinary token authentication system providing reliable and secure One Time Passwords(OTP). Our solution is very managable, comes as an SDK to integrate into your system, with an example PAM module for unix, allowing direct integration as authentication provider for most unix/linux services. Included in the SDK is also a j2me token generator application, installable on most cellphones. The SDK also allows for easy creation of token generators in case you need something else.

Benefits of our OTP system

Our OTP system has many benefits, it is VERY customizable, with full source code and documentation. In addition it is more secure than several other similar solutions in that it can be configured to run in a two-stage authentication method, further protecting against Man in the middle(MITM). In addition the tokens can be generated in the field, preventing the need to walk around with a big list of pregenerated passwords which could easily get lost or stolen.

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